Guideline Two: Respect

2. Respect and support all young researchers as essential members of your team

"Mary treats her colleagues, regardless of whether they are doing a PhD or if they are a fellow Professor, with the same high regard. In doing so, she inspires confidence in her collaborators"

"Mentoring should be a dialogue of colleagues. The PhD student should never be regarded as ‘an extra pair of hands’, but as a thoughtful colleague, and the dialogue with the student should be conducted in that vein. He/she should be encouraged to think not only about the interpretation of all the experiments that he/she has conducted, including those that ‘fail’, but also how these results relate to all those emerging in the literature." 

 A good supervisor treats their postgraduate students as thoughtful colleagues. The students are an integral part of the team and junior students should feel the science they are doing is as important and as interesting as the student about to submit their PhD. The worst supervisors are the ones who do treat their students as an "extra pair of hands". This does happen and it is noticed. A supervisor who does not openly and visibly respect their student loses the respect of their peers.

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