Guideline Eight | Celebrate

8. Celebrate successes, small and large by researchers in your team

"Jane sees the importance of bringing people’s social lives and work lives together. Our lab is always keen to celebrate the achievements of its members with coffee and cakes; outings for lunch; or BBQs at her house."

"The first time a person comes up with a novel idea or experiment of their own. This should be an occasion for public recognition within the lab as it is a milestone of great significance for most young scientists." 

"In addition, Victor actively celebrates his students’ success; for example, he holds parties at his house for every graduating PhD student, their family and friends, and other lab members. Celebrating the success of students who have finished is a great motivator for more junior students!!" 

Success in research is not celebrated enough, be it that first great breakthrough or the final submission of a thesis. All the Nature mentors described or were praised for their regular practice of celebrating achievement. Celebrations ranged from cocktail parties, lunches, dinners at the supervisor's home or simply a cake at morning coffee time. One laboratory even had a special ritual of "weighing the thesis" when a student was handing in the final tome. The crowding around for this special ceremony was described as marking a very special time for the student. Ritual is what we want. Special moments of discovery are special events that need acknowledgement. How often are there celebrations in your lab? Another outcome of ritual celebrations are that they bring all together and contribute to the building of a community referred in Guideline 11. 

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