Guideline Six | Actively research

6. Lead from the front, be a researcher your self, white coat on and not desk bound.


As supervisors we need to remain in the lab and actively research. As our careers progress, our lecturing responsibilities increase and we have more meetings xxxx meetings, there becomes a temptation to stay in our office and not get our hands dirty and do benchwork. Research students, postdocs and research assistants are doing the work, thus we think it reasonable to stay in our rooms reading, writing, meeting our students and thinking up the next great experiment. We should fight this and allocate one common time each week when all know we will be at the bench with white coat on. It’s a discipline our students appreciate and allows us to look over their shoulders and help with a technique. Just as we should be strict with having dedicated time for discussion with our team so we should have a dedicated bench-active time.  Also, we need to see the raw primary data or observation, not just a written up version of it.

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