About the Guidelines

We have written sixteen guidelines that we hope will stimulate reflection and result in improvements in mentoring practice. The box on the left contains links to each of the Guideline pages. The page details the Guideline and a number of quotes that were written by mentees in support of their mentor for the Nature award. Some comments from nominated mentors about their practices are also included. For obvious reasons we wanted the quotes to be anonymous and thus we have invented false first names in the quotes to make them more readable. The names give no clue as to the identity or sex of the actual mentors referred to.  We then make some personal comments based on our experience and the literature.

In the right hand box are links to material we have found that we believe will be useful to mentors. We hope readers to the site will be able to contribute material here. Our goal is to continually refresh and improve the site such that it becomes a major resource. Please sent comments via the contact us link below or send to adrianlee2@mac.com